Web 3.0 and Metaverse are projected to be the next pillar concepts of our society. The distinctions between these concepts and their legacy-counterparts require a set of new economy primitives to ensure their proper functioning. For the sake of exposition, we refer to these as the neo-economy. Notable instances of the constituents of the neo-economy include DeFi services, such as Decentralised Exchange, Automated Market Makers, Yield Farming, Staking and Loaning, etc.

The core powerhouse of all the aforementioned services is liquidity. Any economy is only as strong as its underlying liquidity is. The current state-of-affair of crypto-assets related liquidity leaves a lot to be desired. In view of this, Wetux is working on an open liquidity framework.

OnChain Extractable Value

The craze of DeFi boom may have been over, but valuable observation made from such a frenzy remains extremely useful. Among them is the so-called frontrunning. The frontrunner will copy the potentially profitable transaction, replace addresses with the frontrunner's address before submitting the modified transaction with the replaced address with a higher gas fee, "frontrunning" the original transaction and getting the profit for the frontrunner.

Wetux builds proprietary algorithms to enable our bots to scan across the various blockchain platforms, consolidate profitable transactions, and front-run them to extract value.

Work Process

FlashLoan Pooling

Flash loans allow DeFi traders to borrow unsecured loans from lenders without intermediaries, or even any collateral. This instrument has gained tremendous popularity as it gives its users the ability to arbitrage and trade in ways that were not possible before.

Wetux does not try to build full-fledged Flash Loan platforms, but rather pooling capital in major ones so as to gain optimal yield on the deployed principal. While the profit of each individual loan is not sizable, compounding the large amounts of them over time across multiple platforms gave a rather sizable ROI.





upto 165%

Total Stake






upto 418.76%

Total Stake



WETUX Presence

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The dominant blockchain platform with the most TVL and DApps in the crypto space. Wetux is primarily built to interact with top DeFi services such as MKR, UNI, AAVE, LDO and CRV.   

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Binance Smart Chain

Provides a full-fledged environment for developing high-performance DApps. It was built for cross-chain compatibility with Binance Chain to ensure that users get the best of both worlds, Wetux included.

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Improves scalability without compromising speed or decentralization. Three blockchains make up its core platform: the Exchange Chain (X-Chain), Contract Chain (C-Chain), and Platform Chain (P-Chain).

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Aims to bring the multi-chain future closer to reality by offering a framework for creating scaling solutions compatible with Ethereum. Their sidechain is approved by even the Bitcoin community.

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A blockchain network focused on fast transactions and high throughput. It uses a unique method of ordering transactions to improve its speed. The expansion of DeFi services on Solana has been impressive.

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A layer-1 blockchain that uses Nightshade, a unique sharding technology, to achieve scalability. It also offers cross-chain interoperability through the Rainbow Bridge and a layer-2 solution called Aurora.



Wetux is fully decentralized and community governed. Wetux token holders who staked their token for an extended period of time will be given voting power so as they may participate in the protocol governance.

Token BuyBack

It is also worth noting that a portion of proceedings from Wetux’s proprietary OnChain Extractable Value and FlashLoan Pooling activities will be used to buy back WETUX on open markets.

Total Suply

Key Milestone


Jack Campbell


Jack completed his Dual Degree in Mathematics and Financial Economics from the University of Toronto. He had a wonderful time at Standard Charter and JP Morgan, working on tackling the sharing economy models. His core ideal for Wetux is to design a strong and diverse baseline upon which the neo-economy can rest.

Kallen Trembley


Kallen considers himself a WallStreet graduate given his time at the investment banks there. With his in-depth expertise in investment finance, he provides a much needed economic heavy lifting in the design of Wetux’s open liquidity framework and its incentive mechanisms.

Cortney Morrison


Cortney started his IT career as a security researcher, focusing on finding zero-day vulnerability in financial websites. He attended various Capture-the-Flag contests and generally came out among the top. He now brings his expertise into the crypto world, fortifying the technical baseline of Wetux.

Joss Harris

Head of Business Development

Joss is the main architect that designs our business development strategies. He leads the effort executing those strategies so as to expand and explore new business opportunities. He is also responsible for directing approaches to drive cost-benefit analysis and financial modeling on our platform.

Noah Fortin

Head of Community Development

Building the community is among the most important pillars of any decentralized project. Noah shoulders this great task, and is responsible for expanding and improving community services. He also plays a key role in planning our marketing campaigns, and seeing them through.

Albert Wilson

Head of Data Science

Albert was an ex-Googler working in their Data Science department. Albert’s key responsibility is in crunching and mining the on-chain data in order to optimize Wetux’s liquidity. On-chain data analysis plays an important role in Wetux operations, especially when it concerns the cash flow.

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